Our clipping path & layer mask solutions allow you to remove backgrounds and isolate objects with surgical precision.

Isolate objects without rework

Let us do the dirty work

The Clipping Path works just like using a pair of scissors – the edge will be hard, without any soft transition from the object that is cut out, to the background. Clipping paths are well suited to cut out elements which have a sharp edge, where the sharp edge needs to be retained

The benefits of Layer masking

A Layer Mask makes it possible to blur the transition between the object and the background. Objects with blurry edges will integrate better with a new background using a Layer Mask.

Bespoke work

Tailormade made easy

We are always ready to create customized service fitting your exact needs. Choose between the turnaround, the file format layer composition or go even further and include static retouch, removal of dust and scratches or color enhancement.

Getting started Now

We provide clipping path and layer mask jobs at a flatrate price model.

Our flatrate prices depend on your delivery time and not on image and path complexity.

When should I use layer masking?

Whether we work with product images, create composite photos, or enhance portraits we’ve got what it takes to deliver professional results every time. In numbers we have delivered more than 1,8 million images with an error-rate of 0,01%

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