Imagine everything

Our video editing services cover everything you can imagine. Let us fix color correction, removal of unwanted objects, restore poor-quality footage, grade your work or ad supers and subtitles.

Colorful full service

Change one, two or all the colors in your existing material. We have experienced skills in adding, removing or changing the color palette in your moving pictures to e.g. fit your primary brand colors.

Removal of things

Don’t limit yourself to what the eye sees. Removal of unwanted objects or people is in our toolbox of services.

Grading/Color correction

Ensure that the colors in your video material reflect the atmosphere you want associated with your brand, and can smoothly be combined with your existing material, preserving your desired aesthetic.

Captivate ears and eyes

Sense the Podcast

Explore the possibilities and get your audience even more involved with video to complement your podcast. We create both high-scale productions and small business videos for web and social media.

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